Thursday Open Fixed League

Convener: Francois Maltais

The Thursday evening open fixed league is one of our more competitive leagues. This league has multiple divisions. At the end of the year, the league has a "play off" to determine the league champions! Being a "fixed league", teams stay the same throughout all the rounds. At the end of each round, the bottom teams from the higher divisions drop a division, and the top teams from the lower divisions move up a division.

League Info:

  • Thursday evenings @ 6:45 p.m. & 9:00 p.m.

Skill Level:

(Beginner 1 to Competitive 5)

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League Format:

  • Register as a team (5th player optional).
  • Teams are fixed for the full year.
  • 8-end games.
  • Every player will contribute $25 towards prizes and food for a season-ending party.
  • Trophy for league champs and cash prizes for top teams..
  • Maximum 18 teams.

League Rules:

  • Up to 3 spares are allowed to play; all must be club members.
  • Five-rock free guard zone rule is in effect.
  • As per club policy, there is a time rule. One hour and thirty minutes after the scheduled start time (ie. 8:15 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.), finish the current end and play only one more end.
  • Please get out on the ice 10 minutes beforehand to take your practice slides and shake hands.
  • It is advisable to be prepared to start the late games at 8:45 p.m.. There is a good chance that the ice will be ready early and therefore, if both teams are ready, the game can start early.
  • Tie games are to be broken by a "draw to the button" with sweeping by the delivering team only.
  • Record a Win (W), Loss (L), or Loss in a tie (Lt) for every game.
    • Win (W) = 2 points;
    • Loss in a tie (Lt) = 1 point;
    • Loss (L) = 0 points.
  • There will be 2 round-robin draws. Teams will be assigned a team number (identifier). This number does NOT reflect any standing. The goal is to ensure a fair distribution of early and late games.
  • At the end of any draw, ties in the standings will be broken using the results of the head-to-head games of the teams that are tied. If that does not break the tie, then the results of a "draw to the button" will be used.
    • If your team could finish in a tie, your team is responsible to perform a "draw-to-the-button", with sweeping. The distance from the pin to the rock is measured and recorded. If the rock covers the pin such that a measurement cannot be performed, a distance of ZERO is recorded.
  • At the end of draw #1:
    • the top 3 teams in "B" will move to "A" for draw #2; and
    • the bottom 3 teams from "A" move to "B".
  • The playoff ranking will be as follows, based on the standings at the end of draw #2:
    • the top 6 teams of "A" will be ranked A1 thru A6;
    • the top 3 teams of "B" will be ranked A7 thru A9;
    • the bottom 3 teams of "A" will be ranked B1 thru B3; and
    • the bottom 6 teams of "B" will be ranked B4 thru B9.

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