New 2015 – 2016 Online Spare Signup Form

Hello everyone, As we prepare for the upcoming curling season, we wanted to get a jump on creating this years spares list.  One of the privileges of being a member is the ability to sign up as a “spare”.  Signing up as a spare is completely voluntary but it is something that we do encourage.  […]

Membership Registration Event – Update

Hello again everyone! Well our Annual Breakfast Registration event is over with and once again, Bonnie and Guy Brown put on an amazing spread! There was a consistent stream of people all morning long coming through looking to register for the upcoming season AND enjoy an amazing breakfast! Here are just a few pictures of […]

Poll – Sunday Fixed League Start Time

Hello everyone, As you should now be aware, we are very excited to be bringing back a Sunday Fixed League.   As this is “technically” a new league, we thought it might be good to get member feedback as to what time you feel the fixed league should start.  Below, you will see a poll with some starting time […]

September 2015 Newsletter

Hello everyone! With the summer months almost over and 2015 – 2016 curling season almost upon us, I wanted to pass on some important information about the upcoming season. There is a lot to cover and in stereotypical fashion, I’ve saved some of the most exciting news for last! So with that, here’s what you […]

Upcoming Registration Dates

It’s hard to believe that the summer is already half over and a new curling season is almost upon us.  Jason Smith and the membership committee has been working hard over the summer to promote the club and boost membership at various community events.  The board of directors have also been working hard to prepare for the upcoming […]