Afternoon Open Drop-in League

Convener: Dianne Elliott

The Carleton Place Curling Club offers two afternoon drop-in leagues. Teams are assembled based on skill, experience, and the number of people who “drop-in”. Team scores are not recorded and no curling experience is required to join in on all of the fun. Simply put, games are for fun and the winners buy the first round!

League Info:

  • Monday and Wednesday at 1:00 p.m.

Skill Level:

(Beginner 1 to Competitive 5)

  • rock_icon


  • Because from week to week the teams are always different, team scores are not recorded for this league. This is a very social league and score is only kept to see who buys the first round!


  • Team scores are not recorded.
  • If tied after 8 ends, a full extra end is played (time permitting); otherwise draw to the button with sweeping.
  • 4 rock free guard zone rule is in effect.

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