Thursday Afternoon Stick Curling League

Convener: Brenda McNeely

"Stick Leagues" are becoming increasingly popular with beginners, seniors, and those with injuries or mobility issues. Our Thursday afternoon stick curling league offers a great way for new curlers to receive stick curling instruction and coaching. No matter what your age, flexibility, or skill level, stick curling ensures that anyone can enjoy the sport of curling.

The format of the Thursday afternoon stick curling league has been changed to include regular curling as well as doubles. If you want to stick curl and don’t feel comfortable sweeping, this is the venue for you! All curlers must deliver using a stick and sweeping is allowed only after the hog line. We use the same drop-in format as the Monday/Wednesday drop-in league.

League info:

  • Thursday afternoons @ 1:00 p.m.

Skill Level:

(Beginner 1 to Competitive 5)

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  • Members join this league as individuals.
  • Drop-in format, i.e. teams are made up for each game.
  • Participants require a dedicated, clean pair of shoes or curling shoes, with grippers on both feet.
  • Some curling sticks are provided by the club.


  • All curlers must use a stick for delivery.
  • No sweeping until the rock crosses the far end hog line.
  • Regular curling rules apply for 3 or 4 person teams.
  • Doubles teams (2 players per team) follow the modified stick doubles rules (see below).

Modified Stick Doubles Rules:

  • As the name implies, all teams will consist of two players. Each team shall deliver five (5) stones per end. All rocks shall be delivered using a Delivery Stick or equivalent (i.e. a curling brush/broom with a rock handle gripping attachment). The player delivering the team’s first stone of the end must also deliver the team’s last stone of that end. The other team member shall deliver the team’s second, third and fourth stones for that end. The player delivering the first stone can change from end to end.
  • Modified Free Guard Zone - No stone in play, including the “positioned” stones and those in the house, can be moved to an out-of-play position prior to the delivery of the fourth stone of an end (the fourth delivered stone is the first stone that can remove any stone from play). If there is a violation and without exception, the delivered stone shall be removed from play, and any displaced stone(s) shall be replaced to their original position by the non-offending team.
  • Before the start of every end, one team shall place their team’s “positioned” stone at the playing end of the sheet in one of two positions, designated A and B. The opponent’s “positioned” stone shall then be placed in whichever position (A or B) remains vacant. The location of these positions shall be as follows:page3image3100603664
    • Position A: Placement so that the stone is bisected by the centre line and is at the mid-point between the hog line and the outermost edge of the top of the house (immediately behind the marker on the ice surface).
    • Position B: The Position B stone is placed so that the stone is bisected by the centre line and is in the back of the 4-foot circle. The back edge of the stone is aligned with the back edge of the 4-foot circle.
  • The team having the decision on the placement of the “positioned” stones shall be:
    • Teams shall spin the wheel to determine which team has the decision in the first end.
    • Following the first end, the team that did not score shall have the decision on the placement.
    • If neither team scores in an end, the team that delivered the first stone in that end shall have the decision on placement in the next end.
  • The team whose “positioned” stone is placed in Position A (in front of the house) shall deliver the first stone in that end, and the team whose “positioned” stone is placed in Position B (in the house) shall deliver the second stone in that end.
  • Normal rules apply to sweeping except that a team cannot sweep their own rocks before they cross the hog line at the playing end. While a team is in the process of delivery, the non-delivering player of that team must be positioned inside the hog line and on the ice surface at the playing end of the sheet.
  • If a player delivers a stone out of proper rotation, the delivered stone is removed from play and any displaced stones are returned to their original positions by the non-offending team. Should the infraction not be discovered until after the delivery of a subsequent stone, play continues as if the infraction had not occurred.
  • NOTE: To download a copy of the official Stick Doubles Rules and Logistics click HERE

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