Rock in the New Year with the Carleton Place Curling Club in our annual Learn to Curl Beginner Bonspiel!  That's right... If you're new to curling, currently in or just completed a learn to curl program... this bonspiel is for you!

Join us on Saturday, January 4th, 2020, for a day of fun and friendly play against other "newbies" and learn what bonspiels are all about!  This bonspiel is exclusively for first year participants in similar programs and has been designed to give new curlers a chance to experience what bonspiels are all about!

So put on some warm clothes... bring a clean pair of shoes... and 3 of your learn to curl friends and come put what you've learned to use!

Event details

Bonspiel Format:

  • $100/team
  • Only 16 teams accepted (so register early!)
  • 2x 4-end games guaranteed
  • Price includes coffee, snacks, and lunch

Bonspiel Rules:

  • Exclusive to first year Learn to Curl participants (open to all clubs)
  • We ask that you remove your outdoor footwear on the mats near the entrance to keep salt and sand as far away from the ice surface as possible
  • Before the first game each player will be allowed to throw a stone to the away end and then back to the home end as a warmup (coaches can be on the home backboard during this time)
  • A one (1) hour time limit will be enforced for each game
  • The "Coaches Break" (limited to 3 minutes) will be at the end of the 2nd end
  • Players can switch positions after the "Coaches Break" or in between games, if desired
  • Each game is only 4 ends
  • In the event of a tie, the tie breaker will be done by skips rocks (with sweepers)
  • Courtesy brooms, sliders and grippers are available at the curling club

Note: "Coaches" (any experienced curler) are encouraged to come along and will have a chance to give their teams some on-ice coaching during the day. Lunch will also be provided for coaches.

Contact information

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Trudy Winterburn.


If you are interested in registering your team for the Learn to Curl Beginner Bonspiel, you must complete the registration form below and provide payment in one of three methods:
1) perform an e-transfer of $100 to (no security question required), and adding your name and “L2C Beginner Bonspiel" in the message field
2) send a cheque of $100, payable to the Carleton Place Curling Club, to:
The Carleton Place Curling Club
120 Patterson Cr.
Carleton Place, Ont.
K7C 4P3
3) pay upon arrival at the event

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